18 December 2008

Ode to Peng-Li

A few years ago Dan and I lived with two other fellers, Dan Papa and Steve Teare, in a big house right on the corner of 30th & Poplar. We had the dirty expanse that is Fairmount Park at the end of our block where we would play many games of 40 oz. induced basketball, plain sit in the grass, or ride bikes. We were playing in a band called "Bamshire" at the time, and there we recorded an album which I'll put up for sentimental reasons sometime in the near future.

Parker and our other good friend Phil Dahl (graphic artist and zen master) lived about a block away on Cambridge St. This house was the site of many Soul Caliber 3 tournaments and hosted the very first rehearsals of what would become the live-act that is the Neighborhood Choir.

Right around the corner from Parker's was the venerable Lee's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant. Forgoing the invisible language barrier and the quite visible bullet proof glass, we became relatively close with the owners and their little daughter Peng-Li. She had just started kindergarten and would show us her class drawings and squeak out an occasional little word of English. Below is a song for her.

Also included is a track called "She's Got a Friend". This was recorded at Bill Moriarty & Dr. Dog's studio about a year ago, with the 24-track board manned by Marc Snyder. He also did some background vocals.

Bringing in the rear is "Whale Song (Sky Beach)", the number one summertime hit of 2088.

The Neighborhood Choir - Ode to Peng-Li
The Neighborhood Choir - She's Got a Friend
The Neighborhood Choir - Whale Song (Sky Beach)

10 December 2008

Terry Gross, Will You Marry Me?

After a thoroughly hectic work week, we've all finally found the chance to load up some more tapes and keep the music flowing. Lots to catch up on.

First, an audio/visual presentation by our dear friend Rachel Playe; photographer and Jewish princess. She came over on a chilly November night and took some photos of the loft while Dan provided his thoughts on the neighborhood. Featuring our cat Miss Chaps. Check it out.......here.

The first song posted is a strange recording I made in Portland one night when everyone else had gone to see Battles and Ponytail play at the Doug Fir Lounge. I was not "of age" at the time, so left to my own devices I sat in the basement and made a rather disgustingly overdriven romp of two chords. I matched it up with some silly lyrics and "Animals" was born. Please forgive me for the sound quality.

The second track is entitled "Darker Blues" and was recorded here a few months ago. If anything it is a tribute to the Department of Eagles album "In Ear Park", which is incredible in both song-craft and recording quality. Every sound is perfect. Much like the new Walkmen album. Anyways..

The third and final track was recorded the day I borrowed my darling sister Kate's electric piano. I recorded this song with the dream of having it played as the introduction of a Fresh Air with Terry Gross/ NPR feature. She has the most seductive voice in the world. So full of wisdom.

The Neighborhood Choir - Animals
The Neighborhood Choir - Darker Blues
The Neighborhood Choir - I Felt Your Seas

09 December 2008

Mariachi Mad-distro and La Musica de La Telvision

Hey Kids,
The cold seems to be coming soon, at least I think it is. WHAT! 60 degrees tomorrow. Well anyways, the downstairs area is becoming too cold/inconsistent for electronic devices. So we are setting up the studio upstairs for the winter season. This also means that we can be warm and record music at the same time. Hooray... We have a new mixdown from the 8 track called "mariachi mad-disto." And, an old four track recording I made which was the beginning of an idea for a concept album which would incorporate television noises, channel surfing sounds, political news waves, etc... This song is the only surviving recording of that particular idea. The track is called, umm... "Television" More new mixdowns and tunes on the way!

Good luck on finals, everyone!

The Neighborhood Choir-Mariachi-Mad-disto
Moonshine Community-Television