10 December 2008

Terry Gross, Will You Marry Me?

After a thoroughly hectic work week, we've all finally found the chance to load up some more tapes and keep the music flowing. Lots to catch up on.

First, an audio/visual presentation by our dear friend Rachel Playe; photographer and Jewish princess. She came over on a chilly November night and took some photos of the loft while Dan provided his thoughts on the neighborhood. Featuring our cat Miss Chaps. Check it out.......here.

The first song posted is a strange recording I made in Portland one night when everyone else had gone to see Battles and Ponytail play at the Doug Fir Lounge. I was not "of age" at the time, so left to my own devices I sat in the basement and made a rather disgustingly overdriven romp of two chords. I matched it up with some silly lyrics and "Animals" was born. Please forgive me for the sound quality.

The second track is entitled "Darker Blues" and was recorded here a few months ago. If anything it is a tribute to the Department of Eagles album "In Ear Park", which is incredible in both song-craft and recording quality. Every sound is perfect. Much like the new Walkmen album. Anyways..

The third and final track was recorded the day I borrowed my darling sister Kate's electric piano. I recorded this song with the dream of having it played as the introduction of a Fresh Air with Terry Gross/ NPR feature. She has the most seductive voice in the world. So full of wisdom.

The Neighborhood Choir - Animals
The Neighborhood Choir - Darker Blues
The Neighborhood Choir - I Felt Your Seas